Euphonics Artist Drivers for Windows

Finaly …


How long did that take? 4 years?

I cant find any windows driver for download

From Euphonix:
WINDOWS SUPPORT EuControl Version 2.5.7 for Windows will be posted soon for free download.

Released -

Anyone using them with N5 yet? I am about to go to the studio and try my luck. Do I need to uninstall the MC client driver I have been using so far with the previous workaround?

They work great and yes, uninstall the MC Client.

They work fine with WinXP and Nuendo 5

Yep they are more solid and smooth for me than when I was running the mac server! Hooray!

Now I gotta find out why the faders on my mc control wobble about trying to find the right position when I bank. They didn’t used to I am pretty sure! Could that be a firmware update issue? This happen to anyone else?? Both my mc mix’s are great …