Euphonium in Bb, F clef

Is there an easy way to have an Euphonium in Bb in the bass (F) clef? I can find the Euphonium in Bb only in treble (G) clef. I tried changing the clef in the score, but the octave transposition remains the same and I end up with a lot of ledger lines. I don’t want to simply transpose the notes: I want them to sound in the right octave.

I’ve looked up topics on this subject but I only find the opposite: people wanting a Bb Euphonium in the treble clef.

Use the Clef and Transposition overrides feature in Setup mode. You can set it to any clef/transposition you want. Note, it is per Layout so, you need to set the score and the part layout separately.

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Thank you. It took me a bit of time to find the Clef and Transposition overrides on the Context Menu when right-clicking on the layouts on the right hand of the screen, but then it worked like a charm.

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Sorry, I keep forgetting give instructions on where to find it.

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No problem: your instructions were sufficient to get me from being stuck to looking in the right place.