Euphonix Artist and Control Room

Hi all,

I use an Euphonix MC Control V2 plus an Euphonix Mx Mix. I discovered that the control room can be controlled to a degree: Use the Control room knob to control volume of control room Output. Using “shift” lets me control the FIRST CUe mix Level. Is there any way to control the other Levels of the control room with my euphonix Controllers?
Is there a complete documentation for Setting up euphonix somewhere?

Many thanks to you all !


If you keep shifting through the sends you’ll get to the cue mixes, if you flip then you’ve got the levels on your faders.


Hi you,
many thanks for your help! Now I understand how to control the cue-levels of the individual mixer tracks.

My question is still: Using the “control room Setup” on the Artist control, there is a knob that controls the control room Level and, when “shifted” the first cue Level in the Control Room mixer. How can I control the Levels of the OTHER cue mixes in the control room mixer?

Thank you for your Patience and… in case my questions are stupid … :wink: I am only a Newcomer with the EUcon!

Cheers, Ernst

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