Euphonix Artist Windows drivers





Eucon completely supported by C6 on W7 x64 then?

Am I the only person who cares?

Seriously, is Eucon supported in the x64 version of C6 on W7 x64?

Still not up yet. :confused:

Even when the drivers are up, there is 2 sides to this support. The drivers are only half the battle.

I’m awaiting to see what happens with this too,


I have been working with Euphonix tech support most of the day:
Here is where we are:
“64 bit apps aren’t supported with eucontrol, so Cubase 64 won’t talk to Eucontrol no matter what”

I have it working on PC with Cubase 32bit only. feel free to PM me on that whole process.

No wonder the Borgz didn’t reply. Until there is x64, there is no JMC buying a Eucon.

F***ing Hell, I wish I’d seen this earlier. After looking through the Euphonix web site I was glad to see windows 7 x64 drivers,so I’ve just been out and bought a MC Mix… :smiling_imp:

Are you saying it’s now not going to work with cubase x64?..

This should be made obvious on euphonix web site or steinbergs, after the bad news from TC this week is turning into a real shaft the consumer week :frowning:


Norbury Brook:
I sent this PM to you but it seems to be stuck in my outbox. so here it is:
ok great,
Here is where it gets a bit tricky.
are you using 32bit cubase I assume.
Go to the cubase install folder and look for the “components” folder and see if there is a file named “euconadapter.dll” in it.
if it is not there you need to manually copy it from the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Euphonix\Eucon\Cubase 5\components” folder.
Then open cubase but don’t open a project, and check to see if Eucon shows up in the device list.
For me the first time I did this, the eucon adapter showed “device not found”.
The thing to try before re-intalling cubase is to also install the Eucon Workstation software in the “extras” folder that came with the Eucon drivers.
Let’s hope that works because the next step is to re-intall cubase, that is how I got it to work, unfortunately.

wow here is hoping steiny and euphonix get their shit together on this one…

It would be really nice (and by nice i mean waaaay overdue) to finally have the artist series working with 64 bit cubase (what i actually hoped the windows drivers meant for all of us)

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:laughing: :wink:

Well, half a thumb up, they finally made it after two years,
and it works, at least on my PC.

So test break over, back to Mac :wink:


anyone using it with 64 bit cubase??
hows stability?