Euphonix MC Control (V2) with Cubase 5/6 ?


I’m shopping for a very good control surface to use with Cubase 5 and soon Cubase 6.

Currently considering the Avid/Euphonix MC Control (V2).

Anyone using this controller with C5/C6 ? How do you like it so far ? would you highly recommend this unit ?

How about other options ? i.e. The new SSL-Nucleus (although quite pricey unit). or any other options ?

Many Thanks,

I highly recommend the Artist series.
I am currently using the MC control along with an MC Transport. The level of control you get with this setup is fantastic. The MC Transport jog wheel gives you high resoultion jog ability, and the open progamming of soft keys lets you customize the way you want to work.In certain situations, I am completely mouseless. For example when I am editing dialog, it is all done on the transort with Jogging, and edit keys, no more clicking hundreds of times on a mouse to take breaths out of a vo take.
The power of the Artist Series is in editng and mixing, and not so much in the music creating stage, at least the way I am working with it.
I looked at the SSL Nucleus. I would think the reason to get it would be for the SSL Mic pre’s and not for its control ability. It is only mackie/HUI and the other drawback is that is a USB interface.
I had a CC121 that worked fine, but there is no comaring it Euphonix, it is on ebay now :wink:

Thanks Johngar,

Your feedback is very helpful, and appreciated.

I will look more closely into the Euphonix Artist series.

Currently considering the MC Control (V2), I could add the MC Mix in the future. I have not considered the MC Transport, not sure how it will come into play with my needs, but will check it out as well.

I’m also considering the Mackie Control Pro unit, but reading your feedback has me thinking twice. I know that the Eucon protocol has a much higher resolution than HUI, which is a big plus for fine editing/automation writing tasks.

Fast question :

Are the MC Mix faders very quiet, especially when they hit the ends of the faders ? no click noises ? how about when the faders are moving along with automation data, very quiet/smooth ?


The faders will snap to position when you open a track, and sometimes will snap all the way down when you switch between applications while working, and they make a small clicking sound when they hit the bottom, it’s not bad though.
As far as general noise during automation, there is some noise, but it is not loud or distracting. They are motorized, so some noise will happen.

Thanks Again.