Euphonix MC MIX channel messing


I’m working in a big session and my two Euphonix MC MIX system is messing the channel order. It’s not the first time, but I can’t get it work correctly reseting the EuCon in the Device Pannel or restarting the session.

Anyone having this issue?


Hi Antonio,

I have 2 mc mixes and an MC Control in my system. I also get some strange channel order messups, especially with ‘MC Control banks independantly’ ticked. All I need to do is reorder them with the up/down arrows in EuControl and they then layout correctly. Hope this helps…

Yep, that helps, but closing EuCon is even better. I don’t know about the quality of the EuCon implementation in Nuendo, but the Euphonix driver seems no really good.