Eureka! A way to "Nudge" any amount you want!

Just found a way to “Nudge” items any distance you want that you can set to a shortcut key.

If you create a logical editor preset (I actually modified one in “Parts + Events” called “Shift selected events by 2 frames” and made one for both ADD and SUBTRACT amounts to selected events. You can set it to PPQ, seconds, samples or frames. I have mine set to 1 PPQ so i can nudge in the smallest increments and then I set two Key Commands to go backwards and forwards with selected items.

Hope this might help someone else… if not, pardon my rambling :slight_smile:

Great tip, thanks.

Thanks for that way to nudge any amount.

And, it may be the thing that finally gets me to using the LE! :smiley:

Thank you, I LOVE the key commands in Cubase!
:arrow_right: there is still much more to discover!


Aloha C,
and Mahalo for the tip.


Glad I’m not the only one to want this. Welcome all :slight_smile: