Event and note probability property

I’d like to suggest a feature that could be useful in both live and production setting.

Event and note probability would allow for setting a chance of specific note or event being played back at random chance.

For example: you want a certain event or drum part to have only about 30% chance of being played back, so it doesn’t exactly play back every time around.

This option would further help in achieving less stiff and robotic, and more natural, unpredictable, sound, like it is in real life.

Event probability GUI example

Note probability GUI example


This is for the live performance use case, I guess, right? In the studio, I want to always have under the control, what is playing and what is not.

Please turn this to the Feature Request by adding the tag.

Wouldn’t it be better to record the output of a probability script into your editor, rather than have it in the editor itself? I suppose you could output this channel to another channel.

It might just be better as a MIDI plugin or audio VST plugin, there’s more options there for other variables and controls, easier to bypass, etc, etc.

But I still find it an intriguing idea

Hey, thank you, I have added Feature Request tag.

This feature would definitely excel in live performance setting. And I can see how you might find it less than useful in EDM or modern productions, but I think probability would shine in emulating acoustic drum, for example, especially in vintage type of production, where unexpected things happen and are caught on recording. Although it could also add some randomness and “spice” to modern productions, where some elements could subtly appear at chance.