Event+Automation does not get copy/pasted together

Hey there,
when trying to copy an event of a track and the automation data below it, only the event gets copied and the automation data will be left behind.

So when I have a certain section, I want to copy over to another part in the song, I’d have to do it one by one.
I attached a video where the issue is shown:

Steps to reproduce:

  • create a midi track
  • draw an event on that track
  • open an automation lane on that track and add some automation points
  • select event+automation points and copy it
  • paste it to another section in the song
  • only the event gets copied

Have you tried selecting the parts and events using the Range Selection tool?
Alternatively, you could enable “Automation Follows Events”.

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Thanks for your input!
“Automation Follows Events” is something I don’t like to use, as the events get used multiple times in a project, but often in another context, so the automation is different there as well. So I copy only the automation when I need it.

The range selection tool is able to copy both events and automation data, also ALT+Drag is able to copy/paste it somewhere else and of course you can select and move/mouse drag the events/automation somewhere else on that track, but normal selecting+Copy/Cut/Pasting does not work. :thinking:

So I for me ALT+Drag is the most intuitive workaround I guess, but hopefully this is gonna be adressed.

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Just got the answer from support, that this is intended. Still confused how it can be intended not to copy something I selected and copied before. If I would not like to copy it, then I would not select it?

Also it only does not work, when you selected an event and its automation points below. All other similar operations work.

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