Event (clipfx) with FX Automation (with copy/paste)

We want to Event (clipfx) with FX Automation (with copy/paste) like samplitude vs reaper vs studio one to work on event (not only tracks) and Realtime.
These effects need to be able to draw their own automation like reaper separately. (event fx automation) and after all, the fx in these event should be able to be offline and online (like disable clip or enable event)

immediately after,

I should be able to copy / paste all fx and automation data in these events to other events like reaper (copy/paste all fx and fx automations multiple events)
I will show it with a little video

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F7 opens offline processing. You can add effects and plugins if you have pro. Choose new version to affect single event/or selection(s). Choose continue to affect all clone events.

I know it does it offline, I know it does it in logic, but I think it’s time The expectation is now required to run realtime because that’s incredibly valuable for sound designers who work with a lot of fx’s.

If you add automation to direct offline processing, you would result in the same thing.
I do vote for an upgrade to DOP…
+1 for automation on DOP and to show automation points on the clip.

I dont see that there would be any disadvantages to being offline process aside from taking half a second to render…
Parameters are always adjustable and non destructive + the benefits of running offline are great!

He’s also saying he wants the option of Offline or Realtime.

This is a difference because well, you can response to Realtime in Realtime.

For example, you could tweak a delay in real-time while writing automation, and then switch to offline mode, and it would write what you did in real-time to offline.

In that case you would need to rename DOP totally and have an option to render offline inside CLIP FX.
It would be the best of both worlds sure, i would like to see it also but i doubt we will.
Offline process has been with us forever and more recently updated to be more advanced…
I doubt they take a different path, but i would be glad to see if of course.

But as i said previously, i would be happy enough with automation added to DOP to at least start with as it wouldn’t be that difficult to implement.

Maybe a live preview so when you are listening to a plugin it is live so you could hear your adjustments etc, then upon closing the window its rendered?

While we are here, if we could convert insertFX + automation direct to DOP, would change the game.
0 CPU usage is always nice…
We can already do this with drag dropping insertfx to DOP, but without automation, so its a little less useful in all situations…

Multi-Track freeze, with the ability to extract the freeze file to a NewTrackVersion, leaving plugs disabled, would be a cool solution to this.

This is so important that I am arranging for example right now and this type of FX affects the course of the song.Therefore, no matter how long it will come, we expect the V12 or V13 to come. definitely worth the wait (realtime Clip event fx )

While i have asked for track freeze while having editable audio as a track version many times & it would be a warm welcome.
It is definitely not a replacement for DOP.
DOP allows for you to adjust parameters and have the audio file update immediately.
This would be tedious in track freeze.

dop not bad but never replaces realtime eventfx because, sometimes we don’t want to render, we may want to automate the event.(event fx automation) and everything stays open in event fx all effects with tails. (like samplitude pro+reaper+studio one) this is an amazing feature and i bought cubase 11 the other day i am very pleased and can’t wait to see it with the next versions event fx