Event display - hide event names


when i ask EDL from an editor to work my musics or sound i end up with 2 or 3 tracks of markers for 52min with markers every 5sec average.
so that’s 1872 events i guess.
my system is not displaying those easily. zoom scroll is laggy. add to this an orchestral divisi orchestration with automation everywhere and i have to hide the markers in a hidden folder to make the display easier.

wouldn’t it hel if the function Event display - hide event names would actually hide the names of the markers ? i rarely need the names. just the position.

Personally I wouldn’t find that very useful.
Editing the EDL is easy, and just removing the data after you have imported is super easy as well.

sorry …
1- how do you remove this data ? (… oh you edit it in txt file ?.
2- … what if you want to keep the data. for some situations i like to be able to read the video / audio clip so yeah beeing able to hide it could be interesting for me.

I’m not saying hiding wouldn’t be useful for some users I’m, I just think there are available workarounds.

Yes you can either edit the edl with a text editor using a grep search/replace.
Or you can just select all the markers, click the description field,remove the entry, hold CMD (mac) and hit enter now they are cleared. If you duplicate the marker track before you can just switch using visibility wether you want to see it or not.
For post I either just use the position/range as I work or I may want to know what sound was actually corresponding to the shot if the editor swapped it out.
I have never been bothered by seeing the data as such in the marker and as such don’t quite get why, but scoring is a different animal to post.