Event export with different specs?

Hi guys,

I can’t find the option to change sample rate, format when I export with “event export” option.
No matter what I do, the exported files will be stereo wavs on the same bit depth and sample rate as the project is…
No mp3, no different specs, nothing… Strange.

Thanks for any help…

Thanks a lot, I’ll try all of these…

I wish this forum were as busy as the Cubase forum but its not. One reason is those that have Nuendo are less likely to have a problem or because the user base is much smaller there simply are not as many people here to answer a question. I don’t know the answer to your question. I do think someone will come along and answer. It may take some time. I am sorry I can’t help.

Event Export is very limited. It doesn’t even timestamp the exported audio. So, no, you can’t export with different specs.
Hopefully, in the future it will be combined with the main Export Audio window, where it belongs.

Perhaps try using Export Audio Mixdown with Cycle Markers instead.

Thanks for everybody!
I’ll try this “Export Audio Mixdown with Cycle Markers” thing and hope for a better export system in Nuendo 11 as well as revised ADR font/text placing options… :slight_smile:
Thanks again and take care yourself