Event transparency mode, colored waveforms on dark project window

This is a feature request for something that existed from N6 to N8. When I started on N2, we didn’t have the option to work on a dark project timeline background, not until N6 ( as far as I remember ), so, when N6 came out, I took advantage of that option and adapted my visual workflow accordingly.
That meant having a dark background but with the events waveform matching the tracks color, never been a fan of grey waveforms nor colored events background.
When dealing with this transition, having a dark option for the project window from N5 to N6, Steinberg applied a great solution for all shades of colored waveforms not to blend with the project window dark background, the transparent events option added a grey tone to the background event of that colored waveform.
Since the first N10 update, not the release build, Steinberg took that option away just to bring it back, with a few caveats, just short to the N11 release.
Since then, I had to go back and, yet again, adapt to a lighter project window workflow because, while the events transparency returned, the EVENT OPACITY slider didn’t gave me that grayed event background to emphasize the waveform color.
My request is just to implement a -10 value to the “event opacity” slider on the preferences, that way, we can chose the visual intensity on how a colored wave form pops up on a dark project window/timeline.
Also, I think that an option like that will address the “lack of good visual waveform representation on the project window” while not opening the edit window, as stated by many on this forum.

I’ll attach some pics, one is from N8 “dark” visual workflow, the other’s from N10 first update “dark” workflow that transitioned to N11.