Event volume in Nuendo 11

Hello, I recently upgraded from Nuendo 7 to Nuendo 11.
The problem I’m having is that I can’t seem to find the event volume on the info line in Nuendo 11.
I’ve always relied on it with the type of post work I do. I assume I’m just one click away, but just can’t seem to find it.
Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Chris,

As far as I know it should just be there! Do you have the info line active?

Let me have a quick look, there’s a button for getting into the settings so you can activate both the info line and even (I think) customise which values are in there.

Yes I have the info line showing, but volume doesn’t appear to be one of the options in the setup. Unless I’m completely missing something obvious, which is always possible.

Thanks for looking.

Right-click the Info line and go to Setup… at the bottom; you can configure the info line and turn on and off individual items as you like. Make sure you’ve got Volume somewhere on the right hand side list.

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Thanks guys, it turns out the first question QuintessenceMusic asked was the problem. The info line wasn’t even showing. Doh! Embarrassed.

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Glad you solved it! :smiley: