Eventide Octavox: how to?

Eventide Octavox (or Quadravox) is one of the important parts of my live setup. Usually I run it in Cubase and it adds different pitched voices to my and another guitarist’s lead parts. They may vary during one solo: some notes are unisoned, some with 3rd added, some with 5th or octave or different combinations.
All those intervals stored in “Current” snapshot menu of each preset and in Cubase I can easily program their switching by automation line. I also can assign CC controls to switch them through midi, but I can’t find the way to do this in VST Live

Any thoughts?

P.S. I need pre-recorded automation to switch snapshots, as well as some other functions in another plugins

The next VST Live version features action controls (shortcut or MIDI) for Quick Controls. Also each Stack gets a set of 8 programmable controls for inserts, and send fx.
Automation to come later.

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You mean next update or 2.0 version?

Next update, 1.1.3, this week we hope. Automation (and much more) for 2.0 then. We focus on stability and workflow right now.

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So I will have a posibility to import Cubase automation to CC commands and assign midi track to control plugins in stacks?

Can’t say how much of conversion from Cubase will be possible. But you should then be able to automate plugins.

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Oh and quite forgot that 1.1.3 will also feature MIDI Input for all Stack plugins (inserts and fx).


I can see the 8 manual controls for each effect in the stack window, but how can we link them to a layer or a track ? Where can we see these plugins MIDI Inputs in 1.1.30 ?

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firts impression - looks like something doesn’t work

… with V1.1.30 we have added the function to use a MIDI Input device to every Audio Plug-In which support MIDI-In. The setup has been added to the header of the Plug-In

… but I guess you are looking for the function to send MIDI events from a MIDI Track to a STACK insert. This will be added with the next Updates.


Oh, great ! So we can use Virtual MIDI sockets to send a MIDI track to a VST FX ? I’ll try today…

… that should work. Let us be part of your journey and let us know what you have achieved.


It works! I have a sequencer track for vocals harmonies that I sent to one Virtual Midi Out 1. On the global stack dedicated to my microphone, I inserted a Waves Harmony plugin, set the Midi input to Virtual Midi In 1 and my harmonies are generated!

I’m not sure if the two Virutal Midi sockets are included in VL or if I previously installed another tool to have them…

Anyway, this solves what was lacking the most for my case.

Thank you and stay on that way!

They are.
Great solution, honestly would not have thought of it :slight_smile:
We will nevertheless enable sending MIDI from tracks to Stacks later. But it’s great to know about your solution until then, thanks!

Just skipped some of the recent updates. Does it work now on 1.1.65?

Is it working now?

… no, but it’s coming soon,

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