'Events or Range as Region' and 'Events From Regions' - what do they do?

I just sort of discovered these in hotkeys,

I’ve figured out that ‘Events or Range as Region’, adds Region markers to the audio editor view of the entire audio file. This could be handy.

applying ‘Events From Regions’ seems to do nothing

Also curious if there is a place all the regions of all files in the project can be viewed like the Project Browser, organized by track?

You will see all regions in the pool.

To understand the relationship between audiofiles, audioevents and regions please “study” the respective chapters of the manual.

HTH, Ernst

I see it in the pool now, that is handy.

I had figured out ‘Events or Range as Region’ earlier, can’t get ‘Events from Regions’ do do anything though.

Hi you,

i just did a little reading in the online-handbook (reading is good advice - often neglected btw.) - and there are various situations were you can create events from regions. Just to pick out one: if you have defined various regions within an audio event and apply the function the result will be that you get as many new events as you had regions which will REPLACE the original audio-event. In effect this is a way to spit an event into various smaller events (does not have to be continuous, so gaps are of course allowed). Please note that whatever you do with audio events has no destructive effect on the underlying audio clips (and never on the original audio-file).

HTH, Ernst