Events transparent Background

hi there,

Can’t exactly recall in which version this feature was dropped. But it was clean, beautiful and really nice to work with.
I hold hopes to see it back some day.

Cheers Alex

+1 and more, if necessary…

If I remember well, it has been dropped when C6.0 was released and we have never been able to know why… I also would like to see it back, as it was truely efficient to work with the grid, without colored parts and events all over the place.

In the same league, I would also like to see again the cursor with one single line : this one has been dropped between C6.5 and 7.0…

It looked so nice and easy to work with… You are right, they could’ve keep it. But I still have hopes Steinberg is going to implemented back one day.

I, too, wonder why they dropped the feature.

dear Steinberg, would it be hard to bring this feature back?

Gets my vote… Nuendo folk have been pleading for this to return for them too… :wink:

Out of curiosity…
How does that look like? Somebody has got a Screenshot how it used to be?

Tj99, if I still have got an installed version that does it, I’ll print screen it for you.

It’s visually cleaner, more modern and lighter on the eye. Not to say it’s easy to use too.

Definitely missed here – it was noticeably clearer, exact and easier to see. Not sure who decided that more un-clear was better, but I hope they bring it back as an option.