Events with SpectraLayers active on previous TrackVersions continue playing even when that TrackVersion isn't active

Hey, I’m in the habbit of creating a new duplicate TrackVersion whence bouncing edits, problem with doing this with SL is the previous SL event in the previous track version will continue to playback.

Could you provide a detailed step by step to repro this issue ?

Hi yes.

-Have an audio track with an audio event present, unmuted.
-If you duplicate this to a new TrackVersion and mute the event or create a NewTrackVersion so that there is no longer any event - the one in the previous TrackVersion remains unmuted but you will not hear it.

1.)Back to just having an audio event present on a track, unmuted.
2.)Apply Spectralayers to event
3.)Duplicate TrackVersion and bounce the event and mute it, or, just create a New TrackVersion so the track is now empty.
-You will still hear Spectralayers playing on the previous TrackVersion in Step 2 before you created/duplicated NewTrackVersion.

Is this Cubase side or Spectralayers side?

Not sure yet, need to free some time to examine this specific issue. If it’s SL side, it’ll have to wait until patch 3 unfortunately.

Okay, essentially if you have a Spectrlayers event on a previous TrackVersion, and it’s unmuted, you will still hear it playback, whereas any normal event on a previous TrackVersion you wouldn’t here. You only supposed to hear what is on the current TrackVersion you are on/selected.