Ever increasing project/file size.....

Cubase is acting very strangely for me over the past month or so. I’ll be working in a project, everything seems good and snappy. Suddenly, I’ll save and things will get a bit slower the next time I work in that project. I’ve been doing some detective work and have discovered that the file size of the saved project keeps getting greater. One project this morning went from 18 MB to 554 MB and all I did was add three two bar MIDI events. Any ideas what’s going on? Some kind of memory leak? I love Cubase but, man, I hope 11 is more stable and reliable than 10.5.



Do you use any Arturtia plug-ins by any chance? There is a known issue with the latest update. They store some data to the project, which makes it growing.

Yes. I use Arturia ina big way. They are excellent - but frustrating! Thanks for the heads up. I’m wondering if it could be a “soon-to-fail” external SSD drive.

I’ve been told that SSDs don’t “gradually die.” They “all of a sudden die,” unlike their HDD counterparts that can have a few defective sectors but still work for a long time with perhaps a little bit of data loss (or not). With HDDs, you get a warning. Not so with SSDs.

Thanks for the SSD tip, Lee. And for the Arturia info, Martin. I was working in a project yesterday. When I opened it it was 18 MB. After 3 saves (and only adding a few MIDI events) the project file ballooned to 1.5 GB… I WILL get to the bottom of this. Thanks for your help.

Hi steven dieveney.
I am having the exact same behaviour right now with with a project file increasing from 30 mb to 840!
Which to that point It won’t save anymore and get the project file corrupted message.
I don’t use Arturia.
I wonder if you have got the issue solved?
Would be grateful to know.