"Ever Lasting"

Here’s one from my ‘reject’ pile… :smiley:
Not sure I like this one but I’m not always the best judge… so, I’ll put it out there for public scrutiny… who knows?

Ever Lasting

Great song !!

Why is it on the reject pile?

I didn’t think it was quite as strong as your other stuff, but I’m sure you could make it so. Sounds good overall, good chords and instrumentation, perhaps just needs a bit of refinement if you put it in a reject pile? Because I don’t think it should go in the reject pile either.

Nice one, Ian! Not a stadium rockin’ anthem by any means, but a catchy little tune you should be proud of.

The bass tone is especially pleasant to my ears. You just keep churnin’ them out. I wish some of your productivity would rub off on me.

another good song…your a solid writer…it’s not your best but it’s still a good song, I’m working on getting my production to sound as clear as yours…Kevin

album track innit …

Thanks :slight_smile:

Why is it on the reject pile?[/quote] Not sure really… I guess I just never really felt ‘settled’ with it. And I did wonder if the lyrics were maybe a little cliche’/cheesy… ?

Thanks guys. Looks like it might not be as bad as I thought. :sunglasses:

Well, possibly… and after this feedback - probably. :sunglasses:

I don’t think you need to worry about whether lyrics are cliche or cheesy…just listen to some of the music in the charts…cliche and cheesy is the name of the game really…( from the commercial point of view anyway )…Kevin

I set standards for myself WAY higher than music charts and commercial radio! I think we all do! :laughing: