Every 10 minutes : no sound.

Every 10 minutes or so, the playback sound stops. All settings are correct, only restart of the computer seems to help, not a Dorico restart alone. Any idea what is happening?

The next time this happens, make a note of the current time, create a diagnostic report from the Help menu and attach the DoricoDiagnostics.zip file from the desktop. That may give us an idea of what’s happening

Andre, are you running Cubase or Logic at the same time?

OK, I will do that.

No, only Dorico. But I started to suspect that a program called VOX is changing sound settings, I use it to play mp3 as reference for the score I am working on. I deleted it, then restarted the computer. I will see later today how this works out.

After deleting the VOX player I didn’t have this problem any longer. So I think the player did some sound settings changes.