Every Day

Originally written 10 years ago… but just this week I returned to the DAW, dragged out the instruments, got in front of the mic and gave it a shot…

Every Day

Nice to have you back…hope you’ve been ok,

Good song and the rather plaintive singing sets it of nicely, like the backing track…not sure if the vox isn’t mixed a bit high, good work mate…best, Kevin

Who have we here, welcome back :slight_smile:

Short answer… “no”. 2013 has been a total arse … and sadly it aint over yet! :imp: Family deaths, job loss and cancer…

Good song and the rather plaintive singing sets it of nicely, like the backing track…not sure if the vox isn’t mixed a bit high, good work mate…best, Kevin

Yeah… vox could be a bit high in the mix. As it happens I’ve just today gone back to this and done a MAJOR edit. I decided it was way too ‘bitsy’… too many parts. I think the new edit is a little more cohesive. I just need to redo some parts to fit with the new structure.


Hey Ian,

Good to see and hear you back at some music! I like this one and sounds good the way it is, think I caught your last edits.

Be Well,

Hope upon hope that you aint got cancer mate!!!

Hi John! Cheers. Actually… I’ve just now uploaded the new new version. :sunglasses:

Jan 2013 - my daughter left the country, permanently.
Feb 2013 - my grandmother passed away
Mar 2013 - my Mother passed away
April 24th 2013 - my birthday got a message from our old forum buddy (Jet) Pearldivers, his partner had just passed away.
May 2013 - lost my job, and am still currently unemployed
Jun 2013 - had a wee accident - broke a rib plus cuts and bruises
Aug 2013 - persistent back problem - resulting a couple of months later in a routine MRI scan resulting in…
Oct 2013 - the discovery of a renal tumor (and kidney stones).


Updated version:

Blimey…seems stupid to say best of luck after all the bad luck your having…but here’s hoping things get better for you…really wish you well…Kevin

Much much better mix…some good stuff goin on in there…nice arrangement…Kevin

Nice beach BTW

Thanks Kevin. :slight_smile:

Yeah… the beach, it’s called Pakiri - a long white sand beach that stretches almost as far as the eye can see :sunglasses:

Yikes! When it rains, it pours…
I wish you all the best, Ian.

But good to have you back, I will have a listen at home.


G’day Ian,

It’s been a long time.

I was just browsing around and thought of the people I used to banter with and share music with. So I come back on to the forum to see who might still be around. And there you are, and with such ordinary tidings! And Jet too!

So many things have changed but life will find a way. I know, I’ve been there too.

I joined up again just to pass you my best wishes and if you can let Jet know I’m thinking about him as well I’d appreciate it.

So take care and keep writing and recording. I was always in awe of what you could do.

All the best


Tough times, glad the music is coming out from you! I hope things are going to be alright, hate that you are slammed at all and so Sorry to also here about Jet :frowning:
Besides all the bad the music is wonderful track sounds great will listen closer later it deserves to be listened to many times :slight_smile:

Wow, that is a bad year. I hope 2014 is better for you though. The song is listenable as usual and mix sounds clear. Some of the chords remind me a wee bit of some Sonic the Hedgehog videogame music I’ve just been listening to, which is cool, sounds good in both. Nice to see you back writing, recording and posting.

Hi Jonathan, and thanks. Been a while eh? :sunglasses:

Thanks Kenny. :slight_smile:


I have six week to myself as the rest of the household have returned home to China. I have much work to do! :smiley:

Hi Ian, welcome back, put 2013 behind you! Glad to hear your stuff again. This one has a great sound to it. Love your backing vocals.

Thanks! :slight_smile: