Every fader cap is white (Cubase Elements 13.0.30)

I just did the update to Cubase Elements 13 (clean install), and now every fader cap is white, except for Stereo Out.

Windows 11 23H2.
Ryzen 7 5700 with Radeon Graphics (not Nvidia). 16 GB RAM, NVME 512, SSD 480. UMC204HD Audio Interface.

Update 13.0.30 didn’t fix this issue.

If you want to replicate the issue, could you please use the LE/AI/Elements installer? Thank you.

From what I’ve seen, very few people using Pro/Artist are getting white fader caps, but it looks like it happens to everybody using LE, AI or Elements.


Good hint, thank you! I can reproduce it with Cubase Elements.

Can I assume that they are aware of this issue?

I just noticed that Greg Ondo has had white faders in his Cubase Pro 13 since the live stream of january 16.

In his stream of January 9 he is using Cubase Pro 13 but the faders have the right colors.

My guess is this bug was introduced in update 13.0.20.

When I installed the initial version Cubase Pro 13 on a new PC, all fader caps were gray there, too. However, it’s possible to change the colors in the preference settings. I assume that’s not possible in Cubase Elements, right? Maybe you could manually add the corresponding entries to the configuration file UserPreferences.xml. I’m not sure if that would actually work with Elements, though.

Exactly, we don’t have that option in Cubase Elements, and for that same reason adding those lines to Userpreferences.xml doesn’t have any effect.

the issue will be there until they decide to fix it, if ever.


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.


Cubase 13.0.40 with the fix has been released.

Yep, looks like they fixed the issue.