Everyday I am losing the modifications I made on my key commands and preferences

Hello, it’s so weird, my template saves the new track, but cubase is constantly roll backing my key commands. For exemple I deleted a key command profil yesterday, and today it’s back again. And the one I edited rolled back the changes.
The color of the roject windows background and the key editor is also rolled back to defaut.
I make sure I save the template, save the key commands, and save the profile in the profile manager.

I don’t know what to do anymore


That means, the preferences folder was not stored correctly when you quit Cubase after the changes, you made. The preferences are storing while quit.

Do you have a (silent) crash while quit? Do you see the Safe Start Dialog, when you start Cubase?

no save box dialog when I quit

I think I save my preferences in too many places, therefore they override each other maybe ?
Maybe I should just stick to just saving my profile in the profile manager and not touch the other presets (key commands etc)


The Profile Manager takes the settings from the preferences. So you would need to quit Cubase, start it again. Then you would need to see the changes. Then you can save the Profile with the changes.

What do you mean, please?

I had a similar problem, but my settings, colors, and even routing were reset.

Then I installed all Windows updates, Net.Framework, etc. and never saw this problem again

I save a profile preset, then at the same time a key command preset etc.
So maybe because I often edit my key commands, cubase take into account the key commands embbed into my profile preset instead of the one in the key command preset or some weird thing like that

what’s the best practises in regard to save your preferences presets

oh … how to know if my net.framework is up to date ?
I should be good in regards to windows updates

btw, i’m on windows.

I don’t know the exact way to test it. In my case, Windows update failed when I clicked check update. After updating/restoring the system via Windows ISO, I got a bunch of updates that had NET.Framework in them.
If your windows is up to date, then i don’t know where do dig in.

Try checking your system with: Use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files - Microsoft Support

I use the all in one installation of .net framework, never got any problems, here you can find that and also different version, if you want install one by one