Everyday I see 7.0.5 here...


Can moderator tell us when update 7.0.6 (fonts, edit windows on top) will be available ?

They will tell you when they are ready to tell you…not before, not after, not changed by this post or the other long thread asking the exact same thing that was already topmost in the forum when you posted this.

I would prefer that they announce it when it’s available to download not before.

I do not care for the ‘product will be available in two weeks’ announcements etc.

Just tell us on the day of release.

(Perhaps they are counting users ‘pre-release’ hits’)



Just the facts ma’am. :neutral_face:

I see dead people.

I do not care for the product will be available in two weeks announcements etc.

Just tell us on the day of release


If its ready its ready! I don"t want to see update is available 1-2 weeks from now, do it the apple way! No talk than out of nowhere, BOOM, here ya go!

Except, hopefully not in four years time :wink:

Or we could do it the Google way and have an ‘automatic update’ service running in the background. Then Cubase can phone home and update when it needs to, without any user interaction.

That will take 50% of forum traffic away at a stroke.

You know I’m talking BS here right? C’mon, I’m not that stupid. :laughing:

Yup, Steinberg, give us exact date and HOUR of release. Then let it be ready at that time. And work hard to make a deadline, like we all do.
If it is sooner ready, fine, release it. But give us deadline, and then deliver. This would be quite professional I’d say.

Don’t get your knickers in a knot.
I’d rather wait a little longer so they can issue a decent update patch, addressing and properly fixing as many issues as possible, than run a halfbaked patch quickly shoved out the door because a few users are getting restless and feel they can’t bear the wait.

Same here, still waiting for 7.0.6. Can’t work with a Mixer how crash everytime, when i use a Instert.

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