everything goes to midi channel 1

After taking a break from cubase for a while I decided to get back into it and try halion sonic 3 and cubase pro 9. When I started halion sonic 3 stand alone all went great. My drumbrute was transmitting on channel 10, my yamaha motif was transmitting on channel 4 and my roland fa06 was transmitting on channel 3 and my dx7 was transmitting on channel 1. When I played any instrument the appropriate slot flashed on the halion sonic screen and I was able to dial in the instrument that I wanted for each device.
When I tried to open halion sonic inside cubase all instruments were treated as if they were transmitting on channel 1. I tried to use the input transformer to apply midi filters but both the dx7 and the drumbrute were indistinguishable (no name assignments).
Why does cubase change all incoming data to channel 1 and ignore the channel information.
Does anyone else have a similar problem when midi connections are made with pin connectors instead of usb? For usb connections the name of the device is retained but not so with round pin connectors.

I guess you didn’t switch the midi channel of the track from 1 to “Any”