Everything plays double time out of the blue


I’ve just recently downloaded the cubase 7 elements trial version.

I did this to work/edit the vocals of my upcoming E.P. and the studio in which we recorded uses Cubase.

So everything was going smooth, first edit was done.
and I just switched quickly from cubase to my browser to look for a certain cubase command.

but when I switched back… the whole track suddenly started playing at twice the speed, and all my vocals became chipmunk style. there is no way to revert this.

Someone told me this could be because of sample rate, and that i might have to turn it down to 44.1kHz to get the normal speed again.

This makes no sense to me, because why should lowering my sample rate and a/d conversion quality be downgraded just to have the software work properly.

Also it was untrue, because changing it to 44.1 doesn’t change a thing
I also never had this problem with other DAW’s in my live.

The original project was made by another producer, so I saved my edits to another project file.
and named it with ‘‘vocal edit’’

reopening cubase and or the file didn’t help at all.
but for some reason I could open the original project and it prompted me to a window that gave me the option to work with a newer back up version (.bak file) and even though I was set back a few moves and edits.
The audio speed was back to normal.
So i was like ok… super stupid… but … problem solved on to the next project

so here I am after a few hours of editting, finally done…
no problems what so ever.

But I was thinking, the project is a bit of a mess, let’s tidy it up by giving certain groups a certain collor

really the only thing I did was give a track a green collor, and BAM, the whole project was double speed chipmunk style again!!

Now I know I can go back to the original file and load a newer back up.

yet still… this is simply ridiculous…

what did I do wrong? how can I change the playback speed back to normal?

I am having the same issue today.

I pretty much rage-quit out of Cubase yesterday afternoon, because of the MIDI lag issue I’ve been experiencing (see my post elsewhere on this board) - I’ve just fired it up this morning, to export segments of stuff I’d already recorded to be able to play them live as samples on the SPD-SX, and everything is playing at double speed, as per the above post.

I must point out - I’ve done nothing to any settings in any of the projects. One of them is a project I haven’t worked on since before I started getting the lag issue. Everything I open and try to play, plays at double speed.

Is this unpredictability and instability an in-built feature of Elements, to encourage us to shell out the extra for one of the “full” versions containing loads of functionality which we don’t need, or are those versions as prone to randomness as this?

At present, there’s no way I’d trust my performance to Cubase. I do not want to stand on a stage in front of an audience, press “play”, and have half of my set played at double speed, or with half the tracks missing, or make an instrument window disappear just as I’m changing a filter setting or something.

Press F2 and call up the floating transport.
Check the tempo there and see if it’s been accidentally changed.

Thanks for the suggestion - the tempo was the first thing I checked (and besides, if Cubase has a habit of randomly changing the tempo of projects that aren’t even open, then its instability is even worse than I thought!).

I did manage to fix it by changing the sample rate from 44.1 to 96, and selecting the option to not keep audio parts in their current song positions.

But that was still yet another afternoon of time in my studio wasted on messing about with stuff in order to try and get something to work even semi-properly when the whole point of me being in there was to work on music.

The biggest problem is that I still greatly prefer the workflow in Cubase. It suits the way I work and think way better than Ableton does (Reaper is ok, being very similar to Cubase, but a lot of the options for things like quantising aren’t anywhere near as intuitive as Cubase…).

Hmm…Don’t know what else to suggest.

For the record, I’ve never actually seen Cubase ever change the tempo - it’s just something I thought of to check.

So it’s all user error, and Cubase is working perfectly fine, it seems.

Its not error, its midi problem.
The problem is a keyboard, split point , i hawe same problem and i dont know how to fixed sory :frowning: