everything seems to be working , just no sound ?

what image do i need to put up for you to help me ?

btw rewire seems ok .

You need to put up a useful problem description, info on your system and setup and an explanation of what you have done already. Just look around how others ask for help around here.

ok , mate will get on the case .

ok right i dont remember how i got into this mess but , i have cubase 7 ’ 64 bit ’ and reason 8
when opening cubase on its own theres no sound . When i open reason there is sound .
when i open them together there is no sound from both at all . i check the rewire and that
seems to be working ok .im using windows 10

what else do you need to know ? what would you like a screen shot of ?

Check your VST connections

In Cubase diasble “release ASIO driver in Background” checkbox (or something called very similar to that), in Device setup VST audio system.

where do i go from this screeen shot ? sorry im not good at this stuff .

also this warning comes up when i start cubase

Open Devices / Device Setup
Click on VST Audio System and set your ASIO Driver
Click on VST System Link and (if it’s not there already) click Add Bus, create an Input and Output Bus and set the ASIO Input and Output
Open Devices / VST Connections and set the Device Port for Inputs and Outputs

Good luck!

how would i know what ASIO Driver to use ?

Try whichever drivers show up in your list or get a new one online. People have good luck with ASIO4ALL which you can download for free. It all takes a bit of trial and error, and plenty of both, while you adjust your setup. When you do get it to work make sure you write down all the steps!

Got things working , thanks for all your help !!