Evidence for no technical support anymore at all from Steinberg

Now (at least I saw it today for the 1st time) it is official that STEINBERG doesn’t provide anymore any technical support at all.
You can only choose License, etc. issues and other request NOT related for technical support.
I was a fool to introduce Steinberg into the company I’m working for… :sweat::sweat::sweat:

This would be the time to re-start investigation of other tools where still support is provided.
But on the other hand, in the world of DX Transformation with only “low cost” thinking, it might be just another trap to step inside…

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Although I think the techs are very friendly in their communications, I think their level of knowledge is very low and their response times are ridiculously long.

Because of the above reasons, I’ve stopped reporting issues with Steinberg support, and I switch to ProTools for the jobs where I can’t allow for delays which occur when I bump into another (mostly old) bug in Nuendo.

Unfortunately my personal experience with Steinberg support is not a positive one.

Niek/ Amsterdam.


@Lucky7, we offer tech support as always. Just choose “Andere Anfrage” and click on Weiter (next). On the page that appears, you can still choose the tech support request type.

I have to admit that this is very convoluted but we are working on switching not only the license system but also exchanging the backend for these kinds of tasks. The old page that made you question our support will be removed eventually. We are not quite there yet unfortunately.
Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Hello Mr. Doll,

Long time no contact…
If Steinberg is not able to change a simple wording (not for technical support) then it’s understandable, why answers take such long time. You might remember (OK, maybe not with my nickname) that I’ve stated that I won’t create any tickets anymore (My German account). But the problem(s) with Ambisonics made me think differnt. But anyway, the forum is the faster way to get a feedback. So I can’t find any bug or propoesed fix of the ambisonic issues.
On the other hand, I might use a different 3D approach, as the Steinberg quality of Ambisonics, is not really convincing, which was the reason for upgrade to V12 and change from Cubase to Nuendo …
I don’t have time to wait for bug solutions (except it’s my handling fault), so I need to find other ways…
Maybe next week I have time again to create a ticket and wait several weeks for proper solution feedback…

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Hi Niek,

I do agree and disagree with your comments.
For the support it’s sometimes difficult to understand the problem when the explanations are not enough. But I do agree that the responsetime is anything else what user do expect. On the other hand, support staff is (nearly everywhere) following some kind of standard procedures, which gives exactly the feeling of “low level of knowledge” and is wasting time for the person in trouble…

You’re absolutely right, and it’s the same all over the world. Companies tend to only show their shiny sides and they act like there is no criticism or weak spots in their products.

Same counts for Avid, the manufacturer of Pro Tools.
But; Pro Tools has much, much less bugs than Nuendo, so also: much less reasons to complain about issues.
I do understand though that when a program has less features, it will also have less bugs, that must be said.
So maybe that’s what’s leading to a conclusion: I personally prefer a simple, stable application which I can count on and which does the job, instead of a feature-full-application with bugs that might delay the job.

I must admit that I have been a Nuendo-lover since I switched from Apple’s Logic to Nuendo v5 so I never thought I would come to the decision to leave it, but since Nuendo v11 I got fed up wit all these (old, annoying) bugs and I decided to step away from it, although I still buy my upgrades, hoping for the better?

Just my 2 cents.
Niek/ Amsterdam

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I’m surprised by this statement. OK, it’s 3rd order, but when using a good decoder (IEM AllRADecoder for loudspeaker arrays or SPARTA AmbiBIN for binaural headphones), the quality level is similar to what can be achieved in REAPER, in 3rd order. Notwithstanding Nuendo other qualities, the big plus for using Ambisonics in Nuendo (compared to other DAWs, including Pro Tools) is the native panner: it greatly reduces the plug-ins windows clutter. That’s my 2¢, anyway…

Just compare the Ambisonics result with the AnymixPro result. Both are included with Nuendo and AnymixPro gives a better result than Ambisonics…
If I have to use another PlugIn, as your recommendation, than this is already evidence enough, that Steinberg Ambisonics Tools are not good enough,
If you see Nuendo as the “CD player” and the output depends on the CD (Plugin) you are using, then I might agree to your comment. :wink:

Ah, yes. But this not a limitation of Nuendo, it’s a limitation of Ambisonics. Honestly, the only part of Ambisonics that is “deficient” in Nuendo is the decoding stage.

This is a topic to be discussed further in detail but I guess, it should be done in another thread.
I’m not an expert (yet) about sound coding formats, so I’ve a basic understanding of it. In my opinion, 3rd order ambisonics should be enough for a basic 3D image. If you have a room, which supports 7th order, yes, then you would need it. But I’m not going such far.
Advantage of Dolby ATMOS is of course the object and channel usage, which is an advantage over Ambisonics channel format.
From that viewpoint, yes, you’re right. It might be not a limitation of Nuendo. And I don’t have any other DAW to compare with.
Nevertheless, I wonder, why a 4 channel AnymixPro mix has a better 3D sound positioning than the 3rd order Ambisonics 3D sound positioning with 16 channels.
Both are rendered down for head phones…:thinking:

As mentioned by Kewl, the conversion from Ambisonics to Binaural is key. A different decoder will give you hughly different results. I tried a number of binaural encoders and the 3d sound positioning from encoder to encoder differed a lot. For me at least. Everybody will hear the mix differenctly because of the differences in everybodies ears.

This of course (and HRTF, Immersive, …) I know, therefore I think, the included decoder inside Nuendo, is not the best choice. Or this is just related to my old and special ears. :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to try a lot of different decoders…