I hope his playfulness has not been wiped away. I really enjoy his crazy posts and music as well. Life can be bleak sometimes and he puts a smile on it. Even us “old people” need to play - “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” - right? And I may not know Jack, but I think it could be true…

just sayin’…

BTW, this post is about:

  • Evil Child
  • Jack
  • Playing

Please keep comments on topic. :wink:

I’m not wiped away man… I’m here and I want to write about having sex with beautiful woman at the gas station but Chris has muted my mouthful skillz… He only wants to listen to Steely Dan and watch his own shadow in his jerk of dream…

Sorry this topic is not about beautiful women or bar room fights with Chris. I will allow Steely Dan - but only the go back Jack, do it again bit…

BTW, and OT, your avatar looks like the villian, Mr. Kidd, from James Bond:

who turns out to be a jazz bass player, just happened to get that role in the film… :smiley:

Or…speaking of Steely Dan, a little Walter Becker’ish as well… :laughing:

Well, you have had your chance and I thought we came to an agreement?