Evo 4 not detected in latency - no sound

I set up my Audient evo 4 and downloaded Cubasis LE, I followed the set-up exactly, but having tried everything, I cannot get evo 4 to show under the hardware latency settings as per the video Audient provide on their evo site. Any ideas?

Hi @mjordenwolfe,

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Cubasis allows you to make hardware latency changes in the “Latency” tab, located under “Setup/Audio”.

Please let me know if this helps!


Hi Lars,

Thanks for your reply! I am indeed going to the Latency Tab in Setup/Audio, but the problem I’m having is that evo4 is supposed to appear in the drop-down, according to their instructional video, but it isn’t available to select in the drop-down, so my evo4 will not work with CubasisLE at the moment. It isn’t recognising the device. Thank you

Hi @mjordenwolfe,

Thanks for your message.
What video you are referring to?

You can change the latency value in the “Latency” tab located under “Setup/Audio”.

To get familiar with Cubasis LE more quickly, you might check out our available “Getting started with Cubasis” tutorial, where Dom Sigalas shows all required steps to produce a great track in near to no time.

While the clip has been produced with the full Cubasis version, many steps are similar with the smaller Cubasis LE app version.

Hope that helps!