Evo Elysium size


I have searched in support and in the forum, but couldn’t find an answer: in the page about Evo Elysium for Padshop 2


is stated that 89 GB hard drive are required (¡!). I downloaded the file, but this has only 87 MB and I believe there are no more files to download. Maybe is the info in the page wrong, but I want to be sure if I don’t miss something. I have tested the sounds and I can activate a lot, so I think the page is simply wrong?

Thank you.

On the manufacturer’s side there is only 90 MB. Must be a mistake on the Steinberg homepage.


Hello KDW,

you are absolutely right. I forgot to search for information in the site of Lutfrum. I could tell Steinberg about this error, but to find the option for an eMail in the support page is almost impossible.

Thank you!