EW Composer cloud

Any views on WE comp cloud with separate hard drive storage? [These items currently on sale from EW]. Is it OK to run this with play 5.0.6 ? [Other play options screw up my

Be aware that some products in the Composer Cloud package, such as the Hollywood Choirs, will require Play 6 or Opus. Before purchasing this package, you should check the system requirements for any products you want to use.

With John’s caveats, running EW from a separate HD should present no problems.

I have most of their libraries on an external 2TB SSD which I use with a Macbook and Win10 desktop. The only pain is having to unauthorise/authorise via iLok when switching computers.

Wordbuilder does work with Opus on Dorico and Cubase, but I’m a complete novice. John is a guru, so he’s your man for further info.

Thanks for comments. Checked the specs again and found a del charge, [$73] for the HD. This is normal for FeDex. but puts the total over my budget.

Yes, a big (ie huge) download, but you can just download the libraries over a period of time to your own external SSD, missing out those you don’t want. Saves buying their HD.

Good point Robert. Now considering the Cloud option while the sale is on.

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