Ewi 5000 & Halion 6

I play a Ewi 5000; does anybody know of a way to use it with halion 6? I know that The patches should be set up in legato/unison mode. I know that the Ewi outputs breath control (cc #2) How do I set up halion to use breath control to replace velocity ? I think it’s after touch that allows me to create volume rises and falls after the initial note on. Any help would be much appreciated. :smiley:


In the Sound tab, use these settings:

Much thanks :smiley:

That works great in Halion 6. Is there any way to do it in Halion Sonic SE?

Ah, figured it out (you have to do it just right):

  • Right click the Amplifier Level control (on the Edit tab)

  • Play a sustained note with the wind controller

  • While playing the note, click Learn CC in the local menu from the right click above

  • You can now set min and max values as above

  • And the local menu now says Assigned to BreathCtl.

You might also be able to make tweaks in HALion and then export SE compatible instruments. At some point you might want to have more parameters involved than velocity and volume (filters and stuff) configured into the MIDI Mod matrix.