EWQL, no sound?

… and same thing goes with Groove Agent.

Hi everyone, I’m Patrik, new on this forum and I’m also new to all this! And with “all this” I mean the world of music production and Cubase=) (You got to start somewhere) :wink:

Normally I direct and produce short films, but now I also want to score my films! I’ve really got interested in scoring film and you won’t get nothing done by just doing nothing believing somebody else will do it for you (in Hollywood yes, real life no!) …so, I recently bought Cubase 6 and EWQL Complete Composers Edition. Also bought some studio setup like a keyboard and monitors …but enough of this crap, lets get to it :wink:

I’ve installed Complete Composers Collection (CCC from now on). I installed the 64 bit installer since I’m running Windows 7 64 bit, but it also wanted to install “Destionation Folder” for 32 bit VST plugins anyway …wierd.
Then when I load > Devices > VST Instruments > Synth > Play x64 (Play is the sound engine from EWQL) I get one of the CCC products opened in a window and that is Golden Pianos (Can’t find the other Plugins, only Piano). When I press on the keyboard the parameters move up and down, and the plugin responds to my keyboard. When I press record and start hitting the keyboard I can see on the MIDI track that something has been recorded, but I can’t hear anything.

Same thing goes with the already built in VST plugin Groove Agent, when I hit notes on my keyboard it interacts with the plugin, and the parameters are moving up and down and yet again if I record I can see that something has been recorded but I can’t hear anything!

Anyone who have a clue about this?

Warmest Regards

Hopefully you have found a solution by now, and up & running, but in Play, you need to hit “Browse” and load a patch to actually do something with it. Play would load as an empty sampler initially and change the look depending on which library you have selected. There’s a separate manual for Play system, and it is something you would want to look through because it covers the basic operation of the plugin, which is relevant to all the libraries in CCC.

Good luck with your project.