EWS88MT + windows 7 64bit

Hello everybody.

I’m trying to get my old Terratec EWS88MT work with windows 7 - 64bit. According to some web searches, I realized other people were able to get this configuration to work. So… I should be able to do the same!

Every version of the EWS88MT drivers I found (or Phase 88, I’m quite sure it’s the same thing), even the Vista driver from Terratec website (as most of the search results say I should use), gets rejected by win7.

This is what happens:

in Device Manager, Action → Update driver software → Browse my computer for driver software → manually set the location of unpacked zip driver zip file → next:
“Windows could not find driver software for your device”

I even tried the direct installation of the driver .inf file, right click on it → Install, it pops up a window with the message “The INF file you selected does not support this method of installation”.

tried with driver versions 5.50, 5.51b (official version from Terratec website), 5.54c.

I also made a brand new windows 7 32-bit installation, but nothing changes while trying to install the driver.

What I’m doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for any help.


I had a Terratec Phase x24 which is firewire instead of USB, but that worked just fine in W7 64. I imagine your Phase 88 drivers are at least similar so it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s indeed possible to use it in W7. I don’t recall installing my driver from the hardware menu though, I’m quite sure I had a simple executable that would install the whole thing including control panel at once.

yes, there’s the executable that installs the control panel, but it doesn’t install the device driver. Running the control panel it complains about the unavailability of the PCI card (due, obviously, to the missing driver); drivers need to be installed separately. At least, this is how the installation procedure works with winXP.

Terratec never made an official win7 driver for EWS88MT/Phase88. As far as I can tell, who says it works under win7 had used the Windows Vista driver… but… how? There’s a way to make win7 accept a Vista driver?

thank you for you answer.

Oh it’s a PCI unit, I see. I thought it was USB, sorry.
I don’t know know how you would get that to work unfortunately :frowning:


I have one of those in my internet pc w7 64bit working fine.

I just downloaded the driver/software like you have from the terratec site run the installer (without the card installed) then install the card. On switching on the pc windows notices the card and finds the driver by itself.i dont remember having to search out the device driver when I did it.it was a while ago though :confused:
Check and see if the driver is installed after u run the installer if not maybe manually move it to the drivers folder.
windows doesn’t recognise the card if you install the drivers after you fitted it and this effected my install maybe this is your problem too.

I dont use the breakout box i just use the coaxial output to my surround sound and it work just fine.

Give it a try see if it works.

There were OEM vendors, who licensed Terratec, such as Musonic, and they do have drivers for Win7 and Win10 here: Index of /downloads/TerraTec_Producer/EWS88_MT_D/Driver_ControlPanel