Ex Map conundrum for SINE Player library

I’ve bought OT’s LA Studio Strings, and run into a bit of a problem creating an Expression Map in Dorico.

The Sustains use CC3 “Variations” in SINE Player to switch vibrato on or off.
The Trills use CC3 to play either a half-tone or whole tone trill.

So, if I have Vib ON (CC3 < 64) and then do a Whole tone trill (CC > 64), I’ve got to find a way to set CC3 back to a low value.

BUT: if Vibrato is OFF, then it shouldn’t reset CC3 to a low value!! (And vice versa for half-tone trills.)

Is there a way to sort this out?

I currently have Vibrato and Non-vib as Add-ons.
Expressions for each Trill type trigger the KS and the CC.

Have you tried using OFF EVENTS in the Xmap…?

I can only set one specific value for the CC on the OFF event, and it needs to vary, depending on the state when it came in!

You can simply change one of them to a different cc. Sine allows you to change all of them.

Do you know how? I tried changing the Variations CC, but it affects every articulation, not individual ones.

TBH, I think I’ll just use generated trills…

I’m sorry, but I just pulled this up, and you’re right. Oddly, it is tied to all articulations, which seems to mostly defeat the purpose of being able to change it.