Exact time two questions

An example:
From @flownDuration@ I get durata 1’32"
I can get timecodes at the beginning of every bar.
By adding an extra bar i get 1:32:175.
Looking at the resulting soundfile the latter seems to
be correct.

  1. What is the easiest way to get the exact timecode?

The resulting soundfile adds a bit of sound i guess for
reverb, release etc.
2) Is there a way to know exactly how
long the added bit is or control how much time is added?

Keep up the good work

By default, IIRC, the added time is 10s.

Thank you,
(I’ll check that out.) I think your right. My guess is that 10 seconds of silence are added after the last sound sample.

For most (almost all) cases the @flownDuration@ resolution is enough but for this project I need more exact info.
For now it seems like I have to

  1. Add timecode info.
  2. Add an extra bar for each flow.
  3. Write that info down.
  4. Delete the extra bar.
  5. A some point remove the timecode info.
    Hopefully there is an easier way.

Using @flownDuration@ i can get durata for all flows
on one page.