Example of Integration of Music Notation Software and DAW

Hi Folks,

Here is an example of Inegration of Music Notation Software and DAW: PreSonus - Using Notion & Studio One Together without rewiring. Is this what everyone expect or more?

Basically, Notion music notation software can communicate natively with PreSonus Studio One, without the need for ReWire, allowing you to transfer MIDI and/or audio data back and forth between the applications with ease.

Wow, I want this so I can quickly bounce NotePerformer stems directly into Cubase / Nuendo.

Hello Chikitin,
Believe me, we don’t need such terrible, and almost useless integration like the one between Studio One and Notion. This actually very good example for pseudo-integration, actually both apps have direct file transfer. Once you sent the data from Notion to Studio One, or vice versa… and then you make changes in one of the apps, they won’t appear simultaneously in the other app…
We need real-time integration, which will be ARA2-like inspired. Of course the file transfer also should be there but once it is sent from one app to another the real-time syncing would be a must, when you do some changes, they to appear simultaneously in the other app, too.
The real-time synchronization between Dorico and Cubase/Nuendo means both apps to share in real-time:

  • MIDI Notes and Scoring data
  • Velocity and CC data
  • Mixer (Volume, Pan, Inserts, Sends, EQ)
  • Instrument Track (assigned virtual instruments) /N.B: More workaround will be needed when VE Pro is involved/
  • Tempo Track data
  • Video Track /Personally I like how it is implemented in Dorico/
  • Expression Maps
  • Metronome Click Pattern
  • Dorico’s Comments <-> Cubase/Nuendo Track Notes
    …And probably few other things…
    This is what we need, in order to have complete synchronization between Dorico and Cubase / Nuendo when both apps are active.
    When one is inactive, then we’ll need a function to Refresh the project in when it comes active again.


As far as I researched, Notion is the only notation software that has bidirectional midi streaming.

Can anyone try Notion 6 with cubase ( the links to the Notion 6 demos can be found within your my.presonus.com account area - just log in (or create a free account if you don’t have one). I am pretty sure it works!

I don’t have access to cubase until next week!

I cannot endure that Notion 6 has no pedal lines:

The “*”-like pedal signs always make me feel sick.
(I prefer to use pedal lines to process “con pedale” playback. Dorico and Sibelius can do this well.)

Does score editor have pedal line? I know it has *

Hi Chikitin,
Yes, the data transfer between Studio One 4 and Notion 6 is bidirectional, but only through internal file transferring system, but it’s not Real-Time synchronized. After doing any changes, you have to press Send To Notion or Send To Studio One. I did some tests with the previous version of Notion 6.5 and Studio One 4.5… Definitely it’s better than nothing, but still far from the real meaning of integration between two apps.
We need Bidirectional Real-Time synced integration, with option Refresh the project when one of the apps wasn’t active and then came online, without the need of creating new projects, and when you add notes, or dynamics, or expression, or if you do any changes to the mixer, velocity or CC in Dorico, they should appear immediately in Cubase, and vice versa.
This would be real time saver… and will be very welcomed by those composers who prefer to work with notation, because they would be able to use Dorico instead of Score Editor. At the end the project will be in both apps and on the score sheet. :slight_smile: Just like killing 3 rabbits with a single bullet.
Celemony by creating ARA 2 technology showed to the World that this is possible for audio editing. For MIDI, Automation, Inserts, Sends, Comments/Track Notes should be even a bit easier task to be achieved, since MIDI synchronization already exists…

Best wishes,
Thurisaz :slight_smile:

Can you try rewiring Cubase and notion?

Chikitin hello,
Currently I don’t have Notion on my workstation and I don’t have plans to install it again. Before I did some tests by Re-wiring Notion as Slave to Cubase. It worked fine but actually you would get better results if use Virtual Midi cable like LoopBe to send data from Cubase to Notion.
I believe that Steinberg will come with much better and more advanced solution for integration between Dorico and Cubase! :slight_smile:


I suppose IAC Driver would do the job on Mac.
Let’s say you have a chord track in Cubase and a track in Notation software? is that possible to have the staff in notation software to follow a chord track? It is good to list/exhaust a list of ideal features that we expect from the itegration. Maybe I use a separate thread for this. But I think the one I mention above would be one of them!