Exceeds the number of tracks supported by the application ?


I lately get the following warnings when opening big projects:

"Cubase Warnings (Friday, March 13, 2015)
On loading: J:\S

Track Guitar exceeds the number of tracks supported by the application. The track is kept, but cannot be modified.
Track Choirs exceeds the number of tracks supported by the application. The track is kept, but cannot be modified.
Track Drums exceeds the number of tracks supported by the application. The track is kept, but cannot be modified"

What on earth does this mean ? :imp:

What is the number of tracks supported by the application ?


Pro 8 (like the Full cubase 7) supports an unlimited number of tracks. CB Artist is limited to 64 (I think) tracks.

I would guess the error is not about the number of tracks in a project but the number of audio channels Cubase thinks are in a single track.

Are you certain that these files are only 1 or 2 channel (mono or stereo)?

I also got this warning after upgrading from 8.0.0 to 8.0.10. I work on two identical systems (Master PC with another PC running VE Pro), one setup each at the studio and at home. My template is just over 1200 tracks total (including groups, FX, folders, etc.). My project template is all stereo VST tracks with one mono track for guitar, and one stereo track for WAV imports. Today I am at home, and I just opened the project I initiated at the studio yesterday, and the error is present. I have been using Group Tracks to handle mixing, but I noticed recently even if I have a reverb send as a pre, the wet signal is still being passed regardless of the fader dB, so I decided to try VCA faders for a project to see how I like them.

Yesterday I added 42 VCA tracks to the setup, and the errors are associates with only 10 of those VCA tracks. I was looking for a pattern or commonality, but the VCA tracks’ groups are not sequential in number. The last 3 VCAs I created are the first three listed in the error report, and the other 7 are all parents of nested VCA groups, and other VCAs were added after them. These 7 are my main group faders: Woods, Brass, Perc Dry, Perc Wet, Strings, Synth, and Vox, and they are only visible in MixConsole3, but there are 2 other VCAs visible there as well as 4 group channels. I just don’t see any pattern here.

Once I clear the error screen, there are actually no issues with the project. The errors say “The track is kept, but cannot be modified,” but since these are simply VCAs with limited functionality, all they are required to do in my project is adjust the volume, and they do successfully do that. In my case this appears to be a pesky error window I will have to close during project launch, but if the OP cannot record on those tracks, that would be a problem.

I will be back in the studio tomorrow, and I will see if the error appears there.

Yes Thx !

I also did some trouble shooting. It seems it’s definitely the VCA faders causing the issue. I deleted some and the warnings went away. My current project is also well over 250 tracks.

I also found no issues with the project even with the warnings. So at this stage it seems there is a limit in the amount of VCA faders that can be used in a project.

Please keep me posted and I will too !!

Hi you, not as a matter of Critics or so, but really as a matter of understanding: What is your way of working to Need 1200 Tracks? I am really curious!

I am seriously wondering whether cubase is prepared for such a way of working (I could not handle it with cubase).

Please dont get me wrong. I am really curious!


If you make music for movies/cinema its easy to have over 1000 tracks.You can reach also 2000 tracks if not more.
Think about it a movie 120 mins and many different song and each song with his own tracks.

Hi, thank you for your Explanation. So… if someone produces for Cinema the whole score for the whole film is in one single Project? Wow.

Cheers, Ernst

I would prefer not to derail this topic, but I can’t help but answer Elien! I have tons of nested folders for organization plus group tracks for routing the tons of VST audio outputs (and tempo, marker, chord, signature, video, etc.). All that adds up to the 1200+ tracks in my scoring template, and there are actually around 650 MIDI tracks (I like a LOT of organization). This video will help you understand how you can reach such a high track count (even though the video shows DP instead of Cubase): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_IYYhS_fg0

MBR - back to the topic, I will respond once I fire up the project on my other system, but your evidence does make it sound like VCA faders are producing the error. It is fortunate that they don’t actually fail in any way, as far as I can tell.


Here is a Cubase example: :wink:


Remix - Back to the topic

Seems to be the VCA’s causing this :angry:


MBR - I also deleted the VCA tracks, and the warnings went away.

Hello all,

In Cubase Pro 8.0.10 the maximum number of VCA faders is 32 and the number of Group channels is limited to 256.
I am just wondering how you managed to create 42 VCA tracks?
It seems that it is actually possible to create a project with more Group tracks by duplicating complete folder tracks.
Which actually will be a bug.
If anyone could write a step by step guide on how you managed to create more than 32 VCA tracks and more than 256 group tracks that would be great.

Best regards,

Will try and replicate and will post here

Thx !

I’m also getting this bug this morning after creating some more VCA tracks last night. I’m definitely over 32 VCAs. (But I don’t have anywhere remotely near 256 group tracks).

I created them just by selecting some tracks, and choosing ‘Add VCA fader to Selected Tracks’ in the mixer section. I did this one by one, over the course of a few weeks – added about ten last night. I don’t think I did it by copying anything, like a folder full of VCAs (although it’s possible that I did some VCA copying a few weeks ago). At no stage did I get any warning during the creating of these tracks that I’d created too many VCAs, until this morning when starting up the project.

32 VCAs is not that many. I’m using them a lot instead of group tracks now, and I could easily use over 100 on some projects. Please increase! And put the information about the maximum number of VCAs (and group tracks) into the manual.

I’m running 8.035 on Windows 10.

I am in the same boat as you, creating a brand new template with C9 for film and got this error…is there a reason for the cap or is a limitation to upsale us to Nuendo? Moderator?

32 is not that many, group tracks I believe do not behave well with fx track level to actual source track signal level ratios when mixing so I avoid group tracks

Was there any update to this issue? Still seeing the same error in Cubase 10 as well.