exceeds the number of tracks supported by the application.

setting up a brand new template, Never seen this error before, this is Kontakt 5… whats the deal, anyone?

Cubase Warnings (Tuesday, January 24, 2017)
Track SOLO STRINGS exceeds the number of tracks supported by the application. The track is kept, but cannot be modified.
Track BRASS exceeds the number of tracks supported by the application. The track is kept, but cannot be modified.

Now we know, you own 4 SSDs and water cooling, It would be more interesting, to know, what software you are using. Would it be asked too much to tell us ?
My guess: your template exceeds the number of tracks supported by your version.

We’re in the new cubase 9 forum with only one update released so far, which I have installed, so your comment although a good suggestion, isn’t helpful here. But power users will find my specs relevant, it’s all about performance and what W 10 systems work best.

What is this limitation you are taking a guess about, referring too, i only have 3 midi tracks going to solo strings and three audio outs on that instance of kontakt, this feels like a bug. I only run 25 VST plug in racks. That’s nothing compared to some of the templates here.

Anyone else ?

Windows 10 is blowing chunks right now, it knocked out my H9’app. No longer connects.

And cc121 is malfunctioning with cubase 9.

Good grief.

“And cc121 is malfunctioning with cubase 9”

How is it malfunctioning?


Transport and 4 user set buttons work, but read, write, monitor, vst, and the rest of those buttons do not respond to the selected track. Instead, the cc121 is stuck on one midi track and only only controls the track regardless of what track I click on.

I have removed and reinstalled drivers, no change.

I opened a project in cubase 8.5 and the cc121 works.

Then I open cubase 9 and have this issue.

Then you have a malfunctioning set up
I have no trouble like that here.


We’re in the Cubase Pro /-Artist /-Elements 9 forum, which is 3 different versions, with different functionality also concerning track counts…

Your right, PRO all the way Svennilenni

At last you tell us you’re using the C9 Pro variant. In which case the message you get maybe because you’ve exceeded the total VCA fader count. I think there is a limit of 32 faders (and 256 Group Tracks).

Sorry guys…
…ok…thanks for the info, is this documented ? I was not aware of this limitation , Must be a way to upsale us too nuendo…but…I am surprised the power template users have not raised this issue…unless…they have abandoned VCA.

See here:-


Gave you a thanks thumb, , so thanks again for the help …will dive into this more

Make sure “lock” isn’t lit on the cc121, that’s exactly what lock does.