"exceeds the number of tracks supported" Help please

Hi there. I just updated to Cubase LE 6 and when I try to open my old projects, I get many error messages that say the project has exceeded the number of tracks supported (it is not using that many tracks), and that the tracks will play but can not be edited.

This is absurd. I updated from Cubase LE 4 and I could basically have dozens and dozens of tracks with no problems. Why is 6 not letting me have this?? Can anyone clear this up for me?



is Cubase LE6 not for free?


It came with a Zoom product that I bought. Does this make any difference?

I thought you can run Cubase 6 LE with a Steinberg acount for free?

I am sorry but what does this have to do with my question?

Can anybody else help me with this?

Sorry, but did you updated from 4 to 6 for free?
Maybe Steinberg want to force the user to buy a higher version?

No, like I said, I paid for it when I bought a $300 Zoom product. It came with Cubase LE6.

Maybe you’re right, I have no idea, I just assumed this was a legitimate copy of Cubase. Because it’s the same way I bought Cubase LE4, it came with a Zoom recorder I bought. That lets me use any number of tracks I want.

What is “not that many”?

According to Making more than 16 tracks in cubase LE6 - #5 by Rob_Steal - Cubase - Steinberg Forums Cubase 6 LE supports 16 audio tracks. For a freebie that’s pretty good. Spend some money on Cubase Elements and get 48 tracks, upgrade your LE to Artist and get 64 tracks.

No you didn’t pay for it. It’s a freebie. You paid for the Zoom product. You want more features, you upgrade.

Yes but is there an explanation for why my Cubase LE4, which was a “freebie”, allows me more tracks? Shouldn’t an upgrade not be worse or more limiting?

From what I can find online (posts on forums) LE 4 supported 48 audio tracks.

So there’s your answer…

If you’re using more than 16 audio tracks, you’ll either need to spend some money or go back to using LE 4.

If you’re prepared to spend $300 on Zoom kit then you can’t be totally averse to paying for professional kit.

You haven’t “upgraded” - going from one free thing to another is not upgrading. Upgrading would be paying for it!

Presumably Steinberg decided to reduce the track count for the free versions, to try and encourage people to actually BUY the software (they are a business after all).

Thanks, at least now I know the reason. I’ll just keep using Cubase LE4, it’s served me very well for years.