Excellent & beautiful piano scores for YouTube

I have said it before but I must say it again; the output from Dorico is really extraordinary beautiful.
Especially obvious in the uncomplicated piano scores I make into Youtube-videos.


(There is something almost “henleish” about the eight-notes in the middle part, I think, & that is the highest praise I can give.)

Big thanks to the team & Dorico & a great weekend to you all!

Thank you for sharing this, @arnberg! I recall seeing the original Marble Machine video a while ago and (being an engineer myself and enjoying both Animusic videos) was really impressed by the machine itself. This video, though, made me (and my kids) fall in love with the song, too. Such a lovely rendition! I’ve taken to learn it myself from the embedded notation. And, yes, Dorico does a fantastic job here. Did you have to adjust much of the score by hand?

Thank you for your kind words!
Not much adjusting really, only some correction of the staff spacing and some frame tweaking to fit the piece on 3 pages. Greetings from Stockholm, Sweden.

That was so beautiful, well done! I did ask on Youtube comments, but is there any chance of getting the Dorico file for this or a PDF output? I hope this is possible. Thanks again, I really enjoyed the video and music.

Why not take it as an exercise for Dorico input? I did this and have thoroughly enjoyed playing it. You should be able to fit it all on 3 pages, 6 systems each, as shown in the video.

Great idea there tisimst!

And for pianists impatient to start practicing I can now - by kind courtesy of Martin Molin / Wintergatan - offer a free download of the pdf.


Please enjoy!

Thank you so much, I was getting my ears flamed by my students wanting to play it ‘right now’. Really appreciate that, thanks again :slight_smile:

musicchamber: haha, I hope you are a very strict teacher! Thumbs up to your students!