Excess latency and no option to change the buffer size. Cub 12

Hi, i have cubase 12(latest build) just installed on windows 11 using a soundscape mx4 pcie card. I am getting an excessive latency, when i check the buffer size it says 512, but the delay i’m hearing seems much longer than normal for a setting of 512. The other strange thing is that there is no dropdown menu to change the buffer size. Does anyone have an idea what might be wrong?

Just an update, after reinstalling mx4 card physically and drivers the latency is what i would expect for 512 but there is still no option to set this buffer to a different value, does anyone know what would cause this?

That’s a pretty old card and I believe the driver support stopped at Windows 7, so I’m not sure you’re getting full functionality on Windows 11.
That said, I had a look at the manual and there never was a pull-down option for buffer size. You simply double clicked on the buffer value and entered a buffer size in multiples of 64, with a minimum of 64 and maximum of 8192.
Silly question but what happens when you double click on the buffer value?

Hi, yes it is an old(but reliable until now) card. Thanks KT66, you were correct, i double clicked and values can be entered for the buffer size, i’ve had this card 10 years and never had to look at buffer size. Maybe i should consider a newer madi card.
Thanks for your help on this.

We use RME HDSPe MADI cards here. They are absolutely rock solid and the driver support across generations of operating systems is exemplary. The price of entry is on the high side though.