Excess reverb on export - realtime export normal

I wonder if anyone has any ideas about this? I have a simple project, just guitar and vocals. I have compressors on the two channels and a compressor and an Arturia Rev Plate 140 reverb on the Stereo Bus.

I get the track to how I want it and export using the usual accelerated method. When I export, I get excessive reverb in the .wav mixdown. When I play the project in Cubase after the export, I now hear the excessive reverb in the track. When I press the “e” button to bring the reverb panel up, the reverb drops back to normal. The export process is somehow changing the reverb setting to a different setting - perhaps some internal default - refreshing the reverb panel resets the reverb settings.

Exporting using realtime export works normally. At least it’s a workaround but it’s slowing me down a bit.

This is the normal reverb level using realtime export:


This is the excessive reverb using the usual export method:


I stress I haven’t changed any setting in the project between these two exports. The export method is the only difference.

Is this a bug in Cubase or the reverb plugin?

Having same issue, whenever i have a reverb on insert slot one, the mix keeps going to 100% whenever i move off of the track…just noticed this is Cubase 11