Excessive Real Time Peaks after 8.0.30 Update

Hello forum!

I noticed some degraded performance issues after applying the recently released 8.0.30 update. The symptom is a noted increase in the Real Time peaks while during playback of audio content. This can be observed in the VST Performance meter and audibly as a scratchy disruption occurring within the audio during playback ranging from somewhat intermittent to being extremely pronounce.

The issue is more pronounced when playing back audio and simultaneously performing some other task like typing text in a text editor or any other operation that causing disk write activity. Seems as though any disk operative tasks will cause audio playback in Cubase to become extremely unstable.

At first I thought the issue may have been specific to just specific projects I opened but after further testing it appears to happen consistently irrelevant of the project.

So before I jumped to the conclusion that the Update is somehow related to the problem, I wanted to know if anyone else who recently upgraded to 8.0.30 also may have observed the issue.

I know I didn’t have the problem until after the update; and worst case scenario, I’ll simply rollback to 8.0.20.
I just wanted to see if anyone else noted similar issues.

My configuration:

Macbook Pro
2.2 GHz Intel i7 Processor
10.10.5 OSX (Yosemite)


Ok, so it looks as though the issue was that ASIO Guard was “presumably” turned off during the upgrade; because after enabling ASIO Guard, the peaks subsided.

Of course, I am again “presuming” this is what happened because enabling it resolved the issue. So under the circumstance, it would probably be an equally fair assumption that ASIO Guard may have not been enabled prior to the upgrade; but after the upgrade something changed to where ASIO Guard had to be enabled to resolve the issue.

Not certain which of those statements are actually the valid one, but the fact is ASIO Guard resolved the problem. Just in case someone else encounters the problem.