exchange question

today i was exchanging a CPR i prepared for a new user that consisted of various synths and weird enough something within the SB-cubase synth stuff went wrong. Therefore the question.

user 1 = cubase artist 7.07
user 2 = cubase 7.5.20

user 2 is sending a cpr to user 1

the CPR contains a halion sonic se2 (only-artist files) setup of 16 channels, divided over 16 different outputs
User 1 receives the cpr and halion sonic se 2 is empty.

User 2 did not save the setup in any custom vstpreset or anything else, thus it was build within the cpr environment, so in my presumption the data should be saved within the CPR.

This is f.e. the case with another synth, in this case omnisphere that is compatble between the two systems, also with a multitimbral setup. No problem there at all.

question: why is the integrated in cubase halion sonic se2 multitimbral data not being saved in the CPR ??

I hope the question is clear. If not, just post.

kind regards

It seems a bit obvious that there will be an issue sending from a newer version of Cubase to a older version.

I would say either User 2 upgrades, or you downgrade if you wish to share exact cpr files.

It is typical that new version cpr files don’t work with older versions. That just isn’t possible really.

can this be confirmed somehow ?

Because imo this should not be the normal behaviour.
I use only factory delivered content in the case, i.e. HSSE2 artist libs, but indeed my standard booting is configured to 7.5 Cubase, so i made it with the newest cubase 7.5.20. This should go down the ladder, no ?

And if so… why is the version of the SB software jumping in and blocking me not putting it in the CPR, when this does not happen with 3th party sofware ??

kind regards,

You can almost always expect an older version of software to open in a newer one. Once opened and saved in a newer version (or more complete version of the same), it is likely that the new version has structure in programming that would make it not work in a lesser version.

If you both do not have the same software and VSTi’s, then you gotta do just like any other DAW. Send wav files. Or just get the same software and make things easy.