Exchange with Nuendo / Cubase

I have a question to the community and / or Steinberg regarding workflow for exchanging audio and Marker-Data between Nuendo an Wavelab.

What I am doing until now, is to “misuse” the Wavlab-Montage, to do DAW-Style Projects, eg many clips with individual Effects for CD-Projects with many little “scenes” like “mini audio-dramas”.
I like the Montage because I can set CD-Tracks (over 50 for each Project / CD), am able to change timing of pauses easily (all clips can be grouped / CD-Marker are connected to the clips), it’s easy to apply individual Plugs for the Clips.
Disadvantage of this is, that the Montage is overloaded with effects, long loading times, no automation, etc …

What I like, would be to work in Nuendo/Cubase and render to Wavelab (which is possible) but without Markers(?). But to be a able to bounce markes with the audio would be very important, because then I would not have to check every Marker (sometimes 90) with every correction.

Sorry for the long text but perhaps somebody points me to the direction, or Steinberg can say something about the ability to bounce marker to wavelab.