I have read a lot of posts on this forum, and despite the fact that many of them are very negative, I’m very much looking forward to buying Dorico. The sheer effort put in to the project by Daniel Spreadbury and his team is mindblowing. I bought Sibelius 1.3 many years ago and I was so happy. Now, I’m think the time has come to say good bye, and enter a new era of writing music. The anticipation i feel is the one of a kid just before Christmas (with presents and candy).

I really feel that this will be great, and that it will change my way of looking at composing for ever. Maybe I wont be a better composer, but I think that I at least will be happier. Don’t ask me why, but that is how I feel. :smiley:

Thank you everyone involved in this project. I will be joining the ranks of users very shortly.

Jan B. Larsson

Yes it is exciting. And I felt the way you do before I spent some hours with it. It is wonderful in potential and will come up rapidly I’m sure. But many things presently are lacking that you might not expect to be lacking. It’s not “being negative” it’s being honest. When you can’t get basic things done that you’ve done for years - even simple things - because of a bug or the feature just isn’t there, it’s understandable people are frustrated.

I am a supporter of the team, and I know it will get better. But there’s good reason for the so-called negativity. It’s maybe not as finished as it should have been for a 1.0 release.

You’ve been warned. But then again, I do think this will be a great tool in the coming months as they shore it up.


Don’t think of it as “saying good-bye” to Sibelius; think of it as beginning a transition to Dorico. Thinking of this as a process will help you enter in with the right attitude.

Here here! :smiley: