Exclude certain repeats from play back, but not all!?


I have this pice that I’m working on. Parts of the band playing in time, others not. Small cells that repeats, others that move forward rubato. Is it possible to exclude certain repeats from playing back? Like the one shown in the screenshot. I don’t need the repeat to play back.


No, you can’t specify that only some repeat barlines should play back, I’m afraid; all global repeats will play back, unless you disable repeats playback altogether via Playback Options.

Thanks Daniel! It’s not important in this case. I’ll just turn off repeat all globally.

Only so I understand it correct. Even if I have put in a repeat sign in only one staff Dorico treats it like it is a global repeat sign?

It may, if it’s in the top staff, I would guess. I confess I’m not 100% sure since that is essentially undefined behaviour, i.e. we have not designed Dorico to do anything specific in the case of local repeat barlines, so to some extent the current behaviour is somewhat emergent.

Hi Daniel!

Ok, I understand. Just a thought. For me the logical thing would be that Dorico treats local repeat signs like a symbol, that is with no action attached to it. I can see several situations where that would be very handy.